Cassandra DBA Location :- Fort Worth, TX (Hybrid) Duration :: 12+ months

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs physical database administration (dba) tasks in Cassandra.
  • Designs and builds simple to complex database structures from data models.
  • Installs, configures and patches Cassandra.
  • Provide rotating 24x7 on-call support for Clients Cassandra environments as necessary.
  • Work closely with application development teams to design, implement and support databases to support applications.
  • Participates in design reviews as required to ensure database design meets application requirements.
  • Designs, maintains, documents and executes database utilities to provide information regarding database activity.
  • Proactively performs database monitoring and performance tuning tasks.
  • Identify and provide innovative solutions to performance issues in multiple database environments.
  • Performs basic dba tasks in RDBMS platforms as necessary.
  • Provides automation to standard dba tasks. Able to develop scripts on UNIX and Windows platforms as necessary.
  • Reviews and enforces adherence to the Client Architecture, as well as database design and usage standards.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • B.S. degree from an accredited university.
  • Two or more year s total experience as physical DBA in the Cassandra platform.
  • Strong understanding of the Cassandra data model and architecture including installation, configuration of a cluster.
  • Strong understanding of complex inner workings of Cassandra, such as the gossip protocol, hinted handoffs, read repairs, Merkle trees and Staged Event-Driven Architecture (SEDA).
  • Strong understanding of what Replicas are, replica Placement Strategies, Partitions, Snitches, Dynamic Ring Participation and Security within Cassandra.
  • Five or more year s total experience as physical DBA in a major RDBMS technology.
  • Two or more year s total experience in SQL.
  • Two or more years of experience in database/application performance tuning and monitoring tools.
  • Experience in database problem identification, problem diagnosis and resolution.
  • Experience in building data architecture models and enforcing enterprise architecture standards and guidelines.
  • Experience in implementing database high availability solutions.
  • Candidate has excellent communication ability to explain a technical problem to management.
  • Candidate is a team player. Shares knowledge. Coaches team members.
  • Ability to work on high performing teams and deliver under pressure situations.


  • Experience in working with NoSQL database technologies.
  • Experience in coding and/or debugging stored procedures
  • Experience in working on complex application issues in a multi-tiered environment.
  • Functional experience in multi-tiered application design and implementation.
  • Functional experience in the development of railroad application systems would be desirable.