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  • Description

    Hey Bench Sales Recruiters are you read to Revolutionize bench placements webinars by C2CkLoud your placement process and skyrocket your placements. Join informative webinars at C2CkLoud will reveal how to succeed in the competitive placement landscape.

  • Webinar Highlights:

    1. Strategic partnerships with top suppliers

    2. Mapping your Bench List to Market Demands

    3. Benefits of collaborating with Prime Vendors

    4. Utilizing technology to increase efficiency

    5. Ensuring that your placement strategy is future-proof and able to overcome challenges.

  • Who Should Attend

    • The goal of bench sales recruiters is to improve their placement rates.
    • Expert-led c2c IT placement webinars C2CkLoud looking for ways to effectively connect with top vendors.
    • Anyone interested in staying ahead in the competitive placement landscape.

  • Date & Time:

    13th,June, 11:00AM PST

  • Location:

    Virtual – Join from anywhere!

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